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A GET PAID SITE wanted to introduce you to only the best GET PAID programs. If you wanted to learn about the best get paid to read email, get paid to surf, get paid to survey and get paid to shop programs, without wasting your time, then you had come to the right place.

There are thousands of Get Paid websites being promoted on the web. So why should you bother with this one?

I used to keep it up-to-date. Every week (and often every day), I visited the major Get Paid forums to study which get paid programs were reliable payers, sending lots of emails, paying well, and keeping people happy. There are far lots of websites promoting Get Paid programs such as get paid to read email, and get paid to surf, that no longer exist, that no longer pay, or no longer send emails. I didn't want to waste my time on a get paid to read email program that won't pay me. Neither should you.

You've probably seen ads that appeal to your greed, by claiming you can make a million dollars using Get Paid To Read Email programs. Others pretend to take pity on you for only making a few cents. Many recommend that you join 30 get paid to read email programs. And yet others pretend that they alone have the special secrets you need to make money from these get paid programs. I've checked them out. There are no secrets. They all still come down to YOU making an effort to promote the programs. You won't get rich clicking on ads by yourself. You need a downline.

Do you have a life? Do you REALLY want to spend hours each day clicking?

It is mindless clicking on ads. It doesn't stretch your brain. You aren't learning anything new. And you aren't making much money. It was popular 5-10 years ago, but not any more. It's amazing that there are still any programs out there. And sad. Your time is worth more than a few cents per click.

People asked "Why do you bother with these kinds of programs?"

This was one of the first websites I built. I started off looking for ways to earn money online. Got sucked into the "get paid to read email" world. Noticed that people who earnt the most had their own websites, and that they ranked well on Google. So that's what I tried to copy - and for a long time this site ranked really well for those words. It still does.

Then I learnt more about making money online, and moved into affiliate marketing, and consumer marketing. It still didn't cover my mortgage, though it did earn more, so I went back to work. But I still do affiliate marketing and consumer marketing, because every extra bit helps the mortgage. And sometimes I just like the products. Or the fun of building websites.

If you're an Aussie, I'd love you to join my home business. It really does have great products. Far better than Amway, Nutrimetics, Avon - I've had family or friends in each of those. Or maybe you'd like a website built - I'm quite cheap. And much better than when I built this one.

I stopped updating the site. It was actually still earning enough for a coffee each day, until Google decided that I couldn't display their ads anymore, because it was seen as an incentive site. (Although I was actually a competitor, not offering incentives, and they had manually approved it in the beginning, knowing what it was. Oh well.

I just consolidated my hosting, and thought I'd update it. Try some new display ads. It still gets around 50 hits per day, even after not updating the site for 3 years. If you're interested in buying the site because of its search engine presence, drop me a line. Until then, I'll experiment with some other ads on this site.

Originally built many moons ago, for fun, by Sydney Web Design

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